“Sie sind Sie” released “endlich”

on November 15, 2011 the first EP of the band was released, which is also the first joint production and was released exclusively through the band’s own distribution.

For the unique “Sie sind Sie” – style, three older pieces were re-scored, reworked and brought into the garb of the typical “Sie sind Sie” sound. The album was supplemented by the new songs “Es tut nur manchmal weh”, “Mensch” and “Episch”, in which the further developed style and the influence of all band members can be clearly seen.

The album title describes a double meaning. On the one hand, the tongue-in-cheek remark “finally”-finished, which ultimately means the completion of the work process for this album, and on the other hand, the spiritual thought of the finiteness of moments and finitude itself.

For the launch of Eagletunes, the album has been re-released and is now available through the marketplace and available through the Eagletunes player.

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