First performances and the expectation of organizers

##The unknown musician – The art of getting noticed.

Unknown bands and musicians can exude a special energy. This passion coupled with the desire to be discovered definitely have the potential to generate curiosity and interest among promoters and listeners. But how can this energy and motivation trigger a long-term, steady effect and make a band or musician stand out from the crowd? Here are some steps that can help.

First, outstanding live performances are the key to success. An energetic, convincing and professional performance can inspire promoters and audiences alike. That’s why it’s important to continuously work on stage presence and performance. Unforeseen technical problems? No problem for a band that knows its craft and adjusts its performance instead of panicking.

Networking in the music scene is at least as crucial. It’s not just about spreading music via digital platforms, but also about personal contact with other musicians, promoters and fans. Participating in open-mic nights, jam sessions, or music festivals can help establish important contacts and make your music accessible to a wider audience.

##Concert promoters’ expectations – More than just music.

Concert organizers have a variety of factors to consider when selecting bands and musicians. In addition to musical quality, the economic aspect also plays a decisive role.

Concert promoters are entrepreneurial and therefore profit-oriented. Bands and musicians who have a large fan base and are able to sell many tickets are therefore particularly attractive. Many tickets mean a full house, a well-attended bar, and a sense of accomplishment for both the promoter and the musician. It’s important for musicians to use their social media and other channels to build a loyal and engaged fan base. A band with a strong online presence and an active fan base can be a strong selling point for promoters.

Professionalism is another aspect that is of great importance to promoters. Being professional involves more than just being on time and performing well. It also means being able to stick to agreements, respond quickly and efficiently to requests, and show a high level of personal responsibility.

Logistical aspects can also play a role. Bands that have technology and equipment, can bring and set up themselves, save the organizer valuable time and resources. This can provide an additional incentive for promoters to book a band.

It’s a highly competitive business, but with passion, perseverance and a thoughtful approach, bands and musicians can increase their presence on stage and attract the attention of promoters.

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